1. Investment in real estate is not without risk. Before investing in any product about which information is given, prospective investors are strongly advised to obtain their own independent professional advice.

2. The information contained in this brochure is general information only and has been prepared by or on behalf of Dedicated Developments Pty Ltd whom is offering a fixed return investment (‘the Product’). Dedicated Developments Pty Ltd are not investment advisers and do not hold a financial licence.

3. The information has not been the subject of an independent review by, nor is it endorsed by, the Australian Securities Investments Commission (“ASIC”).Dedicated Developments Pty Ltd has taken reasonable care in producing this information however, to the extent permitted by law, Dedicated Developments Pty Ltd does not warrant the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information.

4. The information contained in this brochure is not intended to be the only information upon which an investment decision ought to be made and does not constitute nor is a substitute for a product disclosure statement nor any other notice statement or requirement that may be required under the Corporations Act (“the Act”), in so far as the Act may apply to the Product.

5. In so far as the Product might be regarded as a managed investment scheme (“the Scheme”) and accordingly governed by the Act, the Scheme is not registered and Dedicated Developments Pty Ltd relies upon the $500,000.00 wholesale investor minimum investment exemption contained within the Act.